How to Enhance Your Run With Diaphragmatic Breathing

Most runners know that in order to get better, they need to train the major muscle groups that are activated during a run — the quads, the glutes, the hamstrings, the calves. But few think about training the muscles that allow them to breathe — specifically the diaphragm, said Kristen Konkol, an associate teaching professor … Read more

Contaminated Food Can Cause Some UTIs. Here’s How to Reduce Risk.

Scientists are pointing to a surprising cause of some urinary tract infections: E. coli bacteria in meat. A new study used statistical modeling to estimate that E. coli, commonly known as the bacteria behind many food-borne illnesses, may cause hundreds of thousands of U.T.I.s in the United States annually — likely a small fraction of … Read more

How Fit Are You? 3 Ways to Measure Without Focusing on Weight

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. But too often, the only measurement people use to evaluate their progress is their weight, which is not the most accurate metric to assess fitness and can be emotionally fraught. For one thing, muscle is denser than fat, so … Read more

How Parents Can Talk About Weed With Their Teens

It’s sold as gummies and cookies. It can be dabbed or vaped. And, depending on where you live, it may be available in dispensaries, inside products much more potent than anything that came before. Talking to teenagers about cannabis has never been easy, but now it can feel like a minefield. “It is really, really … Read more

What’s Behind the ‘Middle-Aged Groan’?

When my daughter was a toddler, she often imitated the long groan I made when I bent down. It was both funny and mortifying. Judging by the large number of videos of toddlers doing this on the internet, I was not alone. Like many other people, I have a playlist of activity-specific grunts and gasps: … Read more