An Enduring Commitment, Wedding Ring or Not

I don’t wear my wedding ring anymore. I haven’t for the last 20 or so years. I’m not divorced, nor do I plan to be anytime soon. After 47 years, I haven’t outgrown my marriage but I have outgrown my ring. No amount of exercise reverses the flabbiness in my fingers. My gold band, size … Read more

How a Pre-Wedding Diet Led to an Eating Disorder

The comments started the day I became engaged in December 2018: “You’re going to be such a beautiful bride.” “I can’t wait to see you in your dress.” “Everything is going to be perfect.” Before my fiancé and I even booked our wedding date, originally April 25, 2020, or saved a color scheme on Pinterest, … Read more

A Bride’s Prosthesis Made Not to Blend In, but to Shine

Born without the hand that traditionally wears a wedding ring, Sara Hughes never dreamed of a diamond. Where would she wear a ring when she got married, was a question she would frequently get asked. To her, even attempting the convention felt stressful, so she gave herself permission to opt out. “Obviously, there’s the whole … Read more

A Modern Shopping Experience for Mothers of the Bride or Groom

If Allison Kaplan had a rallying cry, it would be, “Down with the sequined jacket!” Last October, Ms. Kaplan and her business partner, Betsey Kershaw, both of whom are from the Minneapolis area, founded Mother Of, an online resource designed to help mothers or mother figures find the perfect look for their children’s weddings. “The … Read more

What Language Do You Speak to Express Love?

Are you and your partner from different countries, yet fluent in each other’s native tongue (or at least able to carry on a conversation, if not fluent)? What language do you use to show each other affection, and why? Language is often the best way to a romantic partner’s heart. Hearing the soothing inflections of … Read more

Tarot Readings: Insightful Entertainment For Wedding Party Guests

Theresa Fernand works with tarot cards, charms and crystals, or what she calls “tools for intuitive information, confirmation and extra validation.” “I channel and download information,” Ms. Fernand, 51, said. “I also give intuitive coaching and guidance, along with predictions.” If all this sounds more therapeutic than psychic, that’s not far from the truth. Ms. … Read more

Wedding Etiquette 101: Everything You Need to Know

Danielle Salzillo still remembers how angry her older sister was on her wedding day when a guest arrived clad in white. “She was livid,” Ms. Salzillo said. Fifteen years later, when Ms. Salzillo, 35, who lives on Staten Island, was preparing for her own October 2022 nuptials, she took extra precaution to avoid any similar … Read more

Planning a Wedding While Grieving

Barbara Spina was delighted when her youngest son, Joseph Spina, got engaged in April. She was looking forward to helping with some of the arrangements and welcoming her son’s fiancée, Mariel Milner, into the fold. She never got the chance. This past July, Ms. Spina suffered a massive heart attack and died while on a … Read more