Lucas Museum in Los Angeles Slated to Open in 2025

In the spring of 2018, after years of bidding wars, shifting proposals and changing plans, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art broke ground in South Los Angeles. And despite many subsequent delays, pandemic-related and otherwise, the enormous scope of the project by the “Star Wars” filmmaker George Lucas is finally coming into focus, and the museum is slated … Read more

California Prepares for More Rain and Snow

Heavy rain and mountain snow are returning to California on Tuesday, continuing a relentless weather pattern across the West that has proved dangerous, deadly and disruptive to millions of people in recent months. The latest powerful Pacific storm will move inland early Tuesday and linger through Wednesday, delivering rain over the Central California coast, the … Read more

Hoping for a Comeback in a Town With Little to Come Back To

ROLLING FORK, Miss. — There’s no funeral home that’s capable yet of burying the dead. None of the few restaurants or food stores in town have reopened, so for many people their only meals come from volunteers on the side of the road. If houses are still standing, in many cases their residents are waiting … Read more