Have You Moved to a New City in the Last 10 Years? Tell Us Your Story.

By Emily Badger Emily Badger, originally from Chicago, has moved many times, including to Orlando, Atlanta, Washington, San Francisco and back to Washington again. The Upshot is working on a project about migration within the United States, exploring the patterns of where people move when they leave for another region or state. Census data can … Read more

A Rough Guide of the Electoral Fallout if Trump Is Indicted

A lot of people believe I make political predictions, but that’s not really true. Instead, I try to marshal history, data, polling, reporting and more to help make sense of the political landscape. It usually amounts to one of those old, yellowish, distorted maps from the age of exploration. It offers only a rough guide … Read more

Why We Want to Live (and Work) in That Vermeer Light

Sunlight wields enormous power in our interior spaces. It can drive up the value of real estate and alter the mood of a room. It can clarify the work on your desktop and create warmth on a cool day. No light bulb can do all that. Natural light has long shaped how buildings are designed … Read more

DeSantis, on Defense, Shows Signs of Slipping in Polls

It’s been a tough few months for Ron DeSantis. Donald J. Trump and his allies have blasted him as “Meatball Ron,” “Ron DeSanctimonious,” a “groomer,” disloyal and a supporter of cutting entitlement programs. Now, he’s getting criticism from many mainstream conservatives for calling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a “territorial dispute.” Is all of this making … Read more

Why Fox’s Call on Arizona, Which Was Right, Was Still Wrong

If you’re a subscriber to this newsletter, I’d guess you’d be interested in my colleague Peter Baker’s article about the drama at Fox News in the aftermath of its decision to call Arizona for Joe Biden on election night. Here’s the short version: Fox News executives, news anchors and pundits were enraged over the call, with … Read more