Opinion | Their American Dream Is Being Washed Away

The house was supposed to last the Fuentes family for the rest of their lives. They barely got a few years with it. Becca and Sergio Fuentes first met in middle school, and by the summer of 2017 they had been together for 15 years. Ms. Fuentes was a special-education teacher, and Mr. Fuentes was … Read more

Opinion | The Revolutionary Power of a Skein of Yarn

Not long ago, Michelle Obama posted a black-and-white photo of herself on Instagram, cozy in an armchair, a nearby side table displaying an adorable baby pic of Malia and Sasha. She is barefoot, dressed in wide-legged jeans and a satin shirt, smiling widely as she looks down … at her knitting. “Every time I tell … Read more

Opinion | Clutter Is Good for You

Several years before she died, my mother began sending me things — ostensibly significant objects. These included expected items like jewelry and photographs, but also puzzling ones. For example, one afternoon I opened a package containing a carefully wrapped eight-inch-tall ceramic leprechaun that I don’t recall ever having seen. (My family has no connection to … Read more

Opinion | What the Pro-Life Movement Lost and Won

It’s easy to say what a triumphant midterm election would have looked like for opponents of abortion. The ballot initiative installing abortion rights into the Michigan Constitution would have failed. ‌Pro-life measures in Kentucky and Montana would have succeeded. And Republicans would have enjoyed a sweeping victory in both the Senate and the House, making … Read more

Opinion | The Pernicious Myth of Maternal Instinct

Around the time that Mimi Niles became a mother, an upstairs neighbor in her New York City apartment building had twins. When the two women ran into one another in the hallway or on the sidewalk, Ms. Niles would ask the neighbor how she was faring. “Fabulous,” Ms. Niles remembered her saying. “I’m so happy.” … Read more