Window Stickers to Prevent Bird Strikes Only Work One Way

A thump on the window, if you’re around to hear it. A dead songbird below. Many people seek to prevent this sorrowful scenario by warning birds away with decals or film applied to windows of homes and office buildings. But there’s a big catch, a new study suggests: These products only work if affixed to … Read more

Bears May Rub Against Trees for Protection From Parasites

There are many reasons bears shimmy and scratch against trees. Sometimes they communicate by scent-marking trees, other times they’re removing hair and scratching that hard-to-reach itch. A new study posits an additional perk: slathering on nature-made tick repellent. When bears wriggle against bark, the tree scratching posts leak out tars, resins and saps. The thick … Read more

Biden Clears the Way for Alaska Oil Project

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Wednesday took a crucial step toward approving an $8 billion ConocoPhillips oil drilling project on the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, drawing the anger of environmentalists who say the vast new fossil fuel development poses a dire threat to the climate. The Bureau of Land Management issued an environmental … Read more

Space and Astronomy in February: What to Expect

February’s space events start with a somber memorial. The first of the month is the 20th anniversary of the Columbia disaster, when seven astronauts died as their space shuttle broke up during a return flight to Earth after 17 days in space. The cause of the accident  was insulating foam that fell off the shuttle’s external fuel tank during … Read more