Single Women Own More Homes Than Single Men

Single women own and occupy more homes than single men in the United States, despite earning only about 83 cents for every dollar that men earn, according to a new study. The report, by the online lending marketplace LendingTree, analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau 2021 American Community Survey with one-year estimates. It found … Read more

Bridgeport, Conn.: ‘A Diamond in the Rough’ Reinventing Itself

Bridgeport was once unavoidable. In the middle of the last century, the waterfront Fairfield County city 60 miles from Manhattan churned out so many kinds of products, it seemed to be almost single-handedly shaping the habits of modern life. Rolling off the assembly lines there: lipstick cases, flashlights, typewriters, fans, underwear, sewing machines, cars, scissors, … Read more

Meet Ira Wallace, the Godmother of Southern Seeds

It was the allure of peanut seed that drew a big-dreaming beginning gardener to the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange catalog decades ago. I was madly imagining a zone-defying adventure with the tropical legume in my decidedly Northern plot. What I found at Southern Exposure amounted to a lot more than mere peanuts, and way beyond … Read more

$1.9 Million Homes in Arizona, Florida and Massachusetts

Phoenix | $1,899,999 A 1933 Spanish-style house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest studio with one bathroom and a kitchenette, on a 0.2-acre lot This house is in a part of the city with several historic districts, where many homes retain their original exterior and interior features. Encanto Park, with its playgrounds, public … Read more

How to Create a Playroom That Appeals to Children and Adults

If you were a child again, what kind of playroom would you rather have: a basement filled with castoff furniture (because no one cares if you jump on that worn-out sofa), or a colorful room that celebrates toys and art, inviting you to climb up the walls? It’s not hard to guess which one many … Read more

After Years of Living With Roommates, a Place to Call His Own

For the past decade, Yaakov Bloom, 30, has never rented the same apartment for more than a year or two. Rather, he was constantly moving, almost running, from one living situation to another. Mr. Bloom, a manager at Irving Oak, a construction and management company in Brooklyn, where he helps coordinate the construction on both … Read more

Marc Harrison’s Universal Design Home Gets Restored

In the early 1970s, when the house was built, it must have seemed like something from another planet. With its rounded, porthole-style windows and doors and its bubble skylights, it would have looked less like a home than a spaceship that had landed in the woods of northwestern Rhode Island, in a small town called … Read more

The Apartment Building Next Door Won’t Shut Up!

Q: An apartment tower near me has some sort of loose machinery, perhaps in a rooftop elevator shaft, that makes a clanking noise all day long. It’s loud enough to wake me up at night. I’ve left messages with the building’s management, but they’ve gone unanswered. What are the building’s responsibilities in terms of neighbors’ … Read more