In Duluth, Real Estate Collides With Climate

Times Insider explains who we are and what we do and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. In January, I flew to Duluth, Minn., to find people who had moved across the country seeking refuge from climate change. But before I traveled to Minnesota, I went to Ohio. I grew up just … Read more

How The New York Times reports on war.

“When it comes to civilians, we go above and beyond to protect them from retaliation should they feel in danger. When it comes to the military, it is not our job to deliver their talking points.” Michael Slackman, assistant managing editor We have more than 200 journalists based outside the United States. When possible, we … Read more

The Origins of the Times Square Ball Drop

On Dec. 31, 1904, hundreds of thousands of revelers gathered in Midtown Manhattan, near the newly constructed New York Times Building. Then, as the clock struck midnight, there was an explosion of dynamite — and the tower appeared to catch on fire. But the flames were controlled and very much intentional. In fact, they were … Read more

Why The New York Times asks readers to contribute to our journalism.

“Inviting people to contribute to our reporting helps us grow the reach and scope of our journalism. — Beena Raghavendran, editor, digital storytelling and training Our journalists are skilled at asking questions and listening. Their work is usually done with one source at a time — over the phone, in an email or text message … Read more

Getting Personal With Millions of Readers

When Brooks Barnes, a correspondent who covers Hollywood for The New York Times, pitched an essay late last year about what it was like to grow up in a carnival, he half hoped that his editor would say no. “I’ll be honest, it’s hard,” Mr. Barnes said of first-person writing. “I have to wrestle with … Read more