T.C.U., Confronting Georgia, Spirals on National Title Stage

INGLEWOOD, Calif. — Since the College Football Playoff’s inception, the Big 12 conference has generally been in the conversation but never good enough to make an appearance in the title game. There were the many Oklahoma teams: one led by Kyler Murray, who went to the Arizona Cardinals, and another led by the eventual Philadelphia … Read more

Georgia Beats Ohio State in Semifinal on Last-Minute Touchdown

ATLANTA — The high-wire art of survival returned Saturday night — and then early Sunday morning — to the College Football Playoff semifinals. No. 1 Georgia, pummeled to the point of repeatedly trailing by 14 points, surged and scored in the Peach Bowl’s final minute to overcome fourth-seeded Ohio State, 42-41. No. 3 Texas Christian, … Read more

T.C.U. Topples Michigan in Wild Playoff Semifinal

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Sonny Dykes is not the ideal of the jut-jawed football coach. He opens his program up, instead of building walls around it. He freely acknowledges there were times when he was a younger coach — several, in fact — that the pressure of winning games became suffocating. And he is not afraid … Read more

At 100, the Rose Bowl Has Seen Many Sunsets

The modern-day sports stadium is something like an enormous outdoor (or indoor) living room. Roomy seats — even for those who can’t afford suites. Gourmet food. High-tech gadgetry. Video screens that are nearly the size of the field itself. The Rose Bowl it isn’t. This relic of a stadium, with its cramped seats, narrow tunnels, … Read more