Need Motivation to Take a Walk? Here Are 5 Reasons

I, like so many of us, spend too much time hunched over a computer — and it’s alarming me a little. So throughout my day, I ask myself: Can this activity be done while walking? I’ve recently taken meetings and made eight-minute phone calls on foot, and I turned one coffee date with a friend … Read more

A 19-Minute HIIT Workout for Beginners

Workout trends come and go, but when it comes to the biggest bang for your buck, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, has staying power. HIIT’s specific origins are uncertain; some say it dates back to at least the early 1900s and Finnish Olympic runners who would use alternating short bursts of intensity with brief … Read more

Don’t Let the Idea of the Gym Keep You From Your Workout

You’ve wanted to join a gym for ages, but the thought of being the new kid on the strength blocks makes your palms sweat. You worry everyone will be sporting six packs, lifting heavy weights and sharing high fives — not to mention watching and judging you. Rest assured, you are in good company. A … Read more

5 Exercises to Keep an Aging Body Strong and Fit

When we’re young, exercise can enable us to run a race after an all-nighter or snowboard on a diet of Doritos. But as we age, fitness has a much more far-reaching impact, boosting our energy levels, preventing injuries and keeping us mentally sharp. Aging causes muscles to lose mass, bone density to thin and joints … Read more

Every Woman Can Benefit From This Pelvic Floor Workout

The pelvic floor muscles may be the most important muscles you never target with a workout. Like a trampoline that sits at the base of your pelvis, these muscles not only contribute to overall core strength, they also hold multiple organs in place — including the bladder, bowel and, for some, the vagina and uterus … Read more

Core Strength Benefits and Exercises to Improve Your Workout

To perform well at virtually any sport, you need a strong core. This is a no-brainer for rowing, golf and dancing, but it’s also true for less obvious activities: Your core gives you the stability you need to play darts, for example, and the power you need to play Ping-Pong. A stronger core makes everyday … Read more