Politicians Want to Keep Money Out of E.S.G. Funds. Could It Backfire?

The fight between red states and BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has been a gawker’s delight. Republicans don’t normally line up to punch the chief executive of a giant Wall Street firm in public. In places like Louisiana and North Carolina, however, that’s exactly what’s been happening to Laurence D. Fink, the longtime leader … Read more

Easy to Use, Mobile Payment Apps Are Also Easy to Misuse

The use of mobile payment services has surged — along with worries about financial risks. Services like Venmo and Zelle let people pay others or receive payments almost instantly, with a few taps on their phone. To use them, you typically download the app and link it to a bank account or credit card. Well … Read more

Savings Accounts for Disabled People Are Opened to More of Them

Disabled Americans recently scored a victory when Congress approved an expansion of state-based accounts that let them work and save money without risking the loss of public benefits like Medicaid. The change means an estimated six million more people, including about one million military veterans, will eventually qualify for the tax-favored accounts, advocates for disabled … Read more

Your Tax Refunds May Be Smaller This Year

With the expiration of more generous tax credits offered as pandemic relief, many taxpayers could see “significantly smaller” refunds this year, the Internal Revenue Service says. In some instances, taxpayers may owe money. The federal government temporarily expanded several tax credits for 2021 to help support families during the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic. But … Read more

What to Know About Biden’s Student Loan Repayment Proposal

The Education Department on Tuesday released long-awaited details on a piece of President Biden’s student loan debt plan that would enable millions of borrowers to cut their monthly federal payments by more than half — perhaps the most consequential component of the president’s broader initiative to make the loan system more manageable. The Education Department’s … Read more

For Freelancers, New Federal Help in Saving for Retirement

Gig economy workers lag behind those with traditional jobs in saving for retirement, but parts of a new federal law can help them catch up. Nontraditional workers — like contractors, freelancers and those working for internet-based platforms, like ride-hailing or delivery companies — often struggle to save for retirement because they lack access to workplace … Read more

Low-Down-Payment Mortgages: Your 2023 Guide

It’s a perennial question for would-be home buyers: How can I possibly come up with such a huge down payment? The short answer, usually, is you don’t. Most first-time home buyers (and even many repeat buyers) don’t have the 20 percent down payment needed to qualify for the lowest mortgage rates and to avoid extra … Read more

The Downsides of Using ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’

The use of “buy now, pay later” credit spiked during the holiday shopping season, retail numbers show. But as easy as it is for shoppers to use the service, some may now find it difficult to make the payments or manage returns. Here’s what to know, if you find yourself in a pinch. The services, … Read more