Bruce Willis Diagnosed With Frontotemporal Dementia: What to Know

The family of Bruce Willis announced that the actor has frontotemporal dementia, known as FTD, a form of dementia that occurs most commonly when nerve cells in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain decrease in number. Mr. Willis, 67, was previously diagnosed with aphasia, which prompted him to retire from acting. “FTD is … Read more

How a Consistent Sleep Schedule Benefits Your Health

There are a few tried and true pieces of advice that sleep doctors always give for battling insomnia: Watch those alcoholic drinks at dinner, cut the afternoon coffee, stop scrolling before bed. And please, they beg: Keep your sleep schedule consistent. Flip-flopping between wake-up times — jolting awake at 7:30 on a Friday morning and … Read more

Jay Shetty Wants to Fix Your Love Life With ‘8 Rules of Love’

On a frigid February morning, Jay Shetty joined Drew Barrymore as a co-host on her talk show for an episode about love. “No one is smarter and better” at talking about love than him, Ms. Barrymore declared, before bringing Mr. Shetty to the stage. As Mr. Shetty, a 35-year-old monk turned life coach and influencer, … Read more

Psychedelics for Therapy: What to Know About Benefits and Risks

When Dr. Charles Nemeroff first met his patient, the 32-year-old woman had already been to see several psychiatrists. Initially, the woman, whose identity has been concealed to protect her privacy, had experienced paranoid and racing thoughts, insisting there were listening devices in her phone and that people were watching her; she even sold her home … Read more

What Can Hypnosis Do for Your Health?

In the 1770s, a German physician named Franz Mesmer made a splash when he said he could cure physical and mental ailments by putting people in a trance to realign their magnetic fields. “Mesmerism” was popular for about a decade until it was publicly discredited in 1784, but some elements of the practice persisted. In … Read more

How a Brain Break Can Increase Focus and Productivity

It’s 1:02 p.m. Do you know what your brain is doing? If the answer is trawling the bowels of the internet instead of finishing those spreadsheets, it might be time to step away from your desk. Brain slumps are real, said Gloria Mark, a professor of informatics at the University of California, Irvine. And the … Read more