Gawker, the Irreverent Gossip Site, Will Be Shuttered Again

Gawker is dead. Again. Bustle Digital Group, which publishes Gawker, said on Wednesday that it would shutter the recently revived website and cut about 8 percent of the company’s total staff. In an email to staff, Bryan Goldberg, the chief executive of BDG, said that despite a financially strong 2022, “we have found ourselves facing … Read more

Academy Won’t Rescind Andrea Riseborough’s Best Actress Nomination

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said on Tuesday that it would not rescind Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar nomination for best actress, after an investigation into whether an Oscar campaign on her behalf violated the organization’s rules. “The academy has determined the activity in question does not rise to the level that the film’s … Read more

Superman Is Driving DC Studios’ New Strategy

Superman is returning to theaters — only now, along with saving the world, he has to prove that Warner Bros. has finally, without question, it means it this time, found a winning superhero strategy. DC Studios, a newly formed Warner division dedicated to superhero content, unveiled plans on Tuesday to reboot Superman onscreen for the … Read more

BBC Arabic Radio Airs Final Broadcast After 85 Years

The BBC’s Arabic Radio aired its last broadcast on Friday, ending 85 years of programming on the network’s first foreign-language service — one depended on by millions of listeners. The broadcaster cut its Arabic radio service as part of a far-reaching cost-cutting measure that will also end radio services in 10 other languages including Persian, … Read more

‘Night Court’ Is Back, and America Is Tuning In

In recent years, network executives have rebooted and revived decades-old TV series at will, all in the hope of finding a born-again hit. Classic series like “Magnum P.I.,” “Murphy Brown,” “The X-Files” and “Roseanne,” to name just a few, have all been exhumed and brought back to life, some with the original casts, others with … Read more

Showtime Changes Its Name in a Nod to Its Streaming Future

Showtime, the premium cable network known for popular series like “Homeland” and “Dexter” and once a viable rival to HBO, is getting a name change for the first time in its 47-year history. It will be called Paramount+ With Showtime, Paramount’s chief executive, Bob Bakish, announced on Monday. The name change is yet another significant … Read more

Andrea Riseborough’s Path to Surprise Oscar Nomination Is Scrutinized

When the Oscar nominations were announced last week, one of the most surprising was Andrea Riseborough’s inclusion in the best actress category. Ms. Riseborough’s portrayal of a former lottery winner battling addiction in the little-seen “To Leslie” had received scant recognition on the awards circuit. Few critics included the film on their best-of-the-year lists, and … Read more