What Students Are Saying About ChatGPT

By now you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT, a powerful new artificial intelligence chatbot released to the public late last year that can craft jokes and working computer code, guess at medical diagnoses, and create text-based Harry Potter games. And, yes, it can also write essays and solve problem sets, a fact that has “sent many … Read more

What’s Going On in This Graph? | Feb. 8, 2023

These four graphs display where Americans make social connections and meet their friends. For each setting (high school, college, work and neighborhood), the y-axis shows the proportion of friends made in that setting relative to the national average for the different income groups. The data was gathered from 72.2 million active Facebook users ages 25 … Read more

What Slang Words Do You Use?

Today’s featured article begins: To hear some people on TikTok tell it, we’ve spent years in a “panoramic.” Or perhaps it was a “panini press.” Some are in the “leg booty” community and stand firmly against “cornucopia.” Do you understand that paragraph? Have you seen this kind of language on TikTok or other social media … Read more


What do you think this image is saying? Why do you think The Times published it this week? For what kind of article might it have served as the art? Can you relate to anything in it personally? What is your opinion of its message? Tell us in the comments, then read the related article … Read more

Word of the Day: ravenous

ravenous ˈra-və-nəs adjective 1. extremely hungry 2. devouring or craving food in great quantities 3. very eager for satisfaction, gratification or food Listen to the pronunciation. Powered by Vocabulary.com The word ravenous has appeared in 45 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Dec. 20 in “‘Born for the Storm’: How Jalen Hurts … Read more

What Are You Doing to Take Care of Your Health?

By February, the New Year’s health resolutions we make have often fallen by the wayside. But in this student forum, we hope you’ll post a comment to help reinspire yourself and others. What are you doing that’s good for your health right now? Consider everything from your diet and exercise to the habits you have … Read more

Student Vocabulary Challenge: Invent a Word

“Of all the factors that transform how we communicate, none are so powerful as young people, who have always steered language,” writes the book critic Parul Sehgal. Last year, we invited students in middle and high school to create new words for the English language in our “Invent a Word Challenge.” What feelings, categories and … Read more

Our 10th Annual 15-Second Vocabulary Video Challenge

These students chose to make 15-second vocabulary videos about adjectives — and won our annual contest. The Vocabulary Video Contest is one of our most beloved annual traditions. Every year we worry that students might finally have exhausted all the creative possibilities of our word list, but every year when we judge the results, we’re … Read more