Investors Try to Parse Jay Powell and Janet Yellen’s Next Moves on Banks

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s apparent backtracking on broader insurance for bank deposits worried markets.Credit…Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/Associated Press No clear path on helping banks U.S. banking regulators gave investors a lot to chew on yesterday. The Federal Reserve went ahead with a quarter-point increase in interest rates, signaling that, for now, it remained more worried about inflation … Read more

UBS Weighs Ending a Plan to Preserve Credit Suisse’s Investment Bank

A grim mood has descended on Credit Suisse’s offices.Credit…Michael Buholzer/EPA, via Shutterstock Credit Suisse’s investment bank may vanish When UBS agreed to buy Credit Suisse at a fire-sale price over the weekend, a big question was what would happen to the ailing firm’s investment bank. Months before the chaos that felled Credit Suisse, the firm … Read more

Will the Fed Raise Interest Rates During a Banking Crisis?

Is Jay Powell worried more about bank runs or inflation?Credit…Julia Nikhinson for The New York Times A momentous Fed decision The failures of Silicon Valley Bank and three other lenders over the past 11 days has put the Fed in a difficult position as it prepares to deliver on Wednesday one of the most consequential … Read more

UBS and Other Bank Stocks Fall After Credit Suisse’s Firesale

Darkness falls on bank stocks.Credit…Michael Buholzer/Keystone, via Associated Press How to stop a global panic Andrew here. After Credit Suisse’s historic shotgun sale to UBS over the weekend, the question now is whether the 166-year-old bank is the last domino to fall — or the first. Just two weeks ago, Silicon Valley Bank, a niche … Read more

Two Big Ideas for Preventing Another Banking Crisis

No limits Last year, Marc Lasry, the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, revealed that its star player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, at one time had been putting his money in 50 banks, with no single account holding more than $250,000. Why? Because Antetokounmpo wanted every cent to be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. … Read more

Markets Worry First Republic and Other Banks Remain Under Pressure

Have America’s biggest banks done enough to prop up this lender?Credit…Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Mixed feelings about First Republic’s bailout America’s biggest banks unveiled an impressive show of force yesterday, injecting $30 billion into First Republic Bank as it teetered on the brink of collapse. The plan was meant to shore up confidence in the financial … Read more