Opinion | And Child Care for All

President Biden’s most significant failure during his first two years in office is the lack of progress on the truly domestic portion of his domestic agenda. Earlier in the pandemic, the federal government did more to help parents than it had ever done before. Washington temporarily mandated paid leave for many workers, it gave billions … Read more

Opinion | How to Stop a Senator From Blocking a Federal Judge

Last February, Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, abruptly decided to block a nomination for a federal judgeship, though Mr. Johnson actually recommended the nominee just eight months before. Why the reversal? It was never very clear. Mr. Johnson said it was because the candidate, Judge William Pocan of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, didn’t … Read more

Opinion | The Current Generation of Mass Shootings

The tightknit community of ______ was shaken to its core today when a gunman went on a rampage that lasted __ minutes and killed ____ adults and ____ children. Police said that an additional ____ people were wounded in the country’s __th mass shooting of the month and ___th of the year. Authorities have identified … Read more

Opinion | Twitter Under Elon Musk Will Be a Scary Place

Twitter has never been a place for rational, nuanced speech. Expect it to get much, much worse. The decision by Twitter’s board of directors on Monday afternoon to accept a takeover bid from Elon Musk means the company thinks the social media company would be best served by the ownership of a man who uses … Read more