The Sneaky Allure of a Detox

On social media, diet enthusiasts claim that a sludge of papaya seeds can fight off parasites. A TikTok user whose account is devoted to weight loss says that a whirl of lemon juice, pineapple, ginger and cucumber, blended until frothy and consumed twice daily, can help you melt off 10 pounds in a week. Bright “elixirs” pledge to … Read more

10 Nutrition Myths Experts Wish Would Die

Soy milk can raise the risk of breast cancer. Fat-free foods are healthier than high-fat foods. Vegans and vegetarians are deficient in protein. Some false ideas about nutrition seem to linger in American culture like a terrible song stuck in your head. So to set the record straight, we asked 10 of the top nutrition … Read more

Is It Bad to Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach?

Q: I’ve heard that drinking coffee without food in the morning can damage the stomach lining. Is that true? For many people, enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee first thing in the morning is a nonnegotiable way to start the day. But the idea that taking a sip without food could harm your gut … Read more

Are Protein Bars Good for You? What to Know About Nutrition.

In the late 1980s, two distance runners who were living together in the Bay Area blended vitamins, oat bran, milk protein and corn syrup in their kitchen, concocting what would become a PowerBar, one of the first modern protein bars. By the mid 1990s, it was a phenomenon — what one writer for The New … Read more

What Should I Eat or Drink When I Have a Cold?

Q: What are the best foods or drinks to consume when I have a cold? If you search for the answers online, you will find plenty of articles claiming that certain “immune-boosting” foods or drinks — like garlic, citrus, cranberries, chili pepper and pomegranate juice — can ease symptoms or speed recovery from a common … Read more

Is Sea Moss Good For You?

In videos on TikTok, influencers wince as they dig spoons into jars of what looks like slime. Sometimes the glop is pale green or yellow, sometimes it’s deep red. Some people wrinkle their noses and grimace as they swallow a dollop; others sniff their spoons and grin into the camera. “It kind of smells like … Read more

The Mediterranean Diet Really Is That Good for You. Here’s Why.

In the 1950s, researchers from across the globe embarked on a sweeping and ambitious study. For decades, they scrutinized the diets and lifestyles of thousands of middle-aged men living in the United States, Europe and Japan and then examined how those characteristics affected their risks of developing cardiovascular disease. The Seven Countries Study, as it … Read more