Word of the Day: remedial

remedial ri-ˈmē-dē-əl adjective

: intended to correct or improve

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The word remedial has appeared in 31 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Nov. 21 in “A Report on Violence at Rikers Is to Be Kept Secret” by Chelsia Rose Marcius:

Judge Swain’s decision comes after a court hearing on Thursday on the state of the city jails. So far this year, 18 people have died in the jails, or soon after their release.

At the hearing, Judge Swain put off the request of lawyers for the detainees that she appoint a receiver — an outsider who would oversee the jails. Instead, Judge Swain granted the Correction Department more time to develop its plan to reform Rikers.

She set a new hearing for April 27 to discuss the status of the jails, and said in her order that she would listen to more legal arguments “on whether alternative or additional remedial relief is warranted.”

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