Shopping for Watering Cans

You don’t necessarily need a beautiful, ergonomic watering can to keep your potted plants alive. But it doesn’t hurt to have one.

While any old pitcher or repurposed soup can could do the job, it’s not as much fun to use — so you may not be inclined to use it as often. And a good watering helps deliver the right amount of water to the right place while reducing spills.

“One of the perks of having a watering can is that it gives you a little more directionality with your watering,” said Lisa Muñoz, an interior plant designer and the founder of Leaf and June, based in Brooklyn.

For small indoor pots, a watering can with a narrow spout provides pinpoint accuracy. For larger containers, one with a rain shower rose can deliver a gentle spray. A model with a removable rose can do it all.

Another advantage of having a proper watering can is that many are sculpturally appealing even when they’re not in use, so you can store them in the open.

“There are so many really good-looking watering cans out there that look great displayed next to your plants,” Ms. Muñoz said. “They’re not something ugly you need to tuck away.”

How much water should it hold? For an indoor watering can, “I’d go with a gallon-size or smaller,” Ms. Muñoz said. “For outdoors, I would go with something much larger.”

Where should the handles be? In addition to a handle on the side, she said, “I really love something that has a handle on top.” That’s especially useful when the can is heavy with water.

What material is best? “I definitely prefer a metal watering can,” Ms. Muñoz said, although she added that plastic ones would get the job done and usually weigh less.

Watering Can

Plastic watering can with two-liter capacity

$40 at Hay: 833-849-3025 or

Metal Watering Can

Watering can in gold, silver or black finish

About $35 at H&M: 855-466-7467 or

Black Matte Metal Round Watering Can

Sculptural watering can with two-quart capacity

$70 at Sprout Home: 312-226-5950 or

Haws Watering Can and Plant Mister Set

Powder-coated steel watering can with removable brass rose and mister

$118 at Terrain: 877-583-7724 or

2.5 Gallon Hot Dipped Steel Watering Can

Galvanized steel watering can with red wooden handle

About $39 at Behrens: 800-657-4939 or

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