Word of the Day: cum laude

cum laude ku̇m-ˈlau̇-də adverb or adjective

adverb: with academic honor or distinction

adjective: having or attaining academic honor or distinction

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The term cum laude has appeared in 57 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Sept. 21 in the interview “Yaya DaCosta Joins Elite Society in ‘Our Kind of People,’” in which Max Gao asks Ms. DaCosta if she knew much about the hair care industry prior to playing a character who works in that industry. She replies:

I’ve always been obsessed with hair. I went to a boarding school in Massachusetts, so I would have girls from around campus coming to my dorm room, and I’d be doing their hair, and then I’d do my hair and finish all of my homework in between. I still graduated cum laude, but I was known for this. So to play a character, finally, where I get to express myself and play with hair in the way that I do in real life is such fun.

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