The ‘Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook’ Teaches You How to Tame Smoke

Lighting the grill and quickly searing some burgers or franks is not the game plan in “Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook,” by Matt Abdoo and Shane McBride, two of the partners in the Pig Beach BBQ restaurants in Brooklyn and Queens. The essence of what they do is smoking, low and slow. Even at its simplest, it’s an undertaking that can fill an afternoon. But with the proper gear and mastery from the two chefs’ meticulous instructions, it’s a technique with almost limitless applications. (They even smoke steaks before grilling.) There are recipes for rubs, sauces, sides, desserts and drinks; the Chinese-style char siu sauce is a keeper, as are the quick pickles and baked Utica greens.

“Pig Beach BBQ Cookbook: Smoked, Grilled, Roasted and Sauced” by Matt Abdoo and Shane McBride, Mariner Books, $30.

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