What the Welterweight Champ Wears Besides Boxing Trunks

Errol Spence Jr., 28, the International Boxing Federation’s welterweight champion, is known for his intense fighting style and his self-made career. But the same adjectives could be used to characterize his fashion sense. Before his next bout in December, here is what the welterweight titleholder is wearing outside the ring.

1. Shirt

I have a Givenchy shirt in black with red stripes. It’s a collared shirt and good for when I’m going out. I discovered the brand through Instagram. For me, fashion is about researching and going online, and seeing what different styles entertainers and athletes and interesting people are wearing. I had a stylist at one time, but I didn’t like what he was bringing me. I decided to do it just myself.

2. Pants

Mr. Spence also likes sweatpants.Credit…Nico Young for The New York Times

I’m not into slacks or jeans. I’m more a sweatpants type of guy. I have both fancy and simple ones. I have a Moncler sweatpant, but then I also like ones by EPTM which are only $30 or $40. As long as they look nice, I’m into them. That’s something with fashion that took practice and work. I don’t have to buy a $700 shirt or a $1,000 pant all the time. I might go to Zara or H&M. I can also do a $60 shirt and $50 pant, and make it look good.

3. Suit

My favorite suit jacket is by Giorgio Armani and suit pants by Zanella. Because I do a lot of research on what I’m wearing, I found out a lot of suit companies actually use Armani and Zanella fabrics. And they’re both Italian made and the companies have been around a long time. The reputations speak for themselves. For suits, I go for more of a lively look: checked patterns and things like that. I don’t like boring or dull colors. I do like slim cuts and single-breasted jackets.

4. Shoes

I used to wear Louboutin loafers, but they would hurt my feet after an hour. And then I had a pair of Ferragamos that were lace-up. I wore them all night and I didn’t have any issues. So I got the loafers now in black suede. I keep my footwear more low-key. I let the suit do the talking.

5. Accessories

His Patek Philippe watch.Credit…Nico Young for The New York Times

I’m not necessarily an accessory kind of guy. With a nice suit, I’ll just wear a watch. I have always liked watches. My first was a Rolex. I got a Hublot as well. Then I switched to Patek Philippe. The one I have is stainless steel and is dead stock now; they don’t make it anymore. You always see someone with a Rolex. You usually don’t see a Patek Philippe or an Audemars unless you’re an entertainer, or a certain business person. It’s a different level.

This interview has been condensed and edited.